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60 count of our Magnesium capsules ( glycinate, citrate , l-threonate )

2 Fl Oz - magnesium chloride & eucalyptus spray

Magnesium Chloride

- Topically applied on the body. Ex: armpits (as deodorizer & lymph node improviser ) , back of neck , ankles/wrist, under the tongue, even the hair to improve hair loss and reducing calcium buildup in hair follicles , or any muscle tissue where pain may be felt to absorb magnesium

- Eucalyptus infused : antibacterial/fungal , bug repellent , anxiety / pain relief , soothes dry skin

- Spray in between 5 - 20 sprays daily depending on individual.

- Slight tingling sensation

- A big part of the body’s immune & drainage system (lymph nodes) are the armpits which expel toxins from our bodies. Typically people resort to forms of toxic deodorants which block the flow of energy outward that can buildup resulting tumors near or in the breast nearby & stagnant energy in the body. Our spray is created to improve lymphatic function & immunity all while being lightly applied to the armpits with a eucalyptus scent. This is an alternative to taking our magnesium capsules or can be greatly combined with it to stay on top of magnesium levels in the body

Learn more info regarding magnesium in our #MAGFACTS section located in our testimonial/research tab

Mag Caps n Spray


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