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Vegan/vegetarian magnesium capsules with no fillers, no bs , and pure ingredients . Roughly 600-660mg


A mixture of magnesium citrate , malate, glycinate, & L-threonate for relaxation, nerves, & pain . Magnesium is a mineral commonly depleted in the average person . According to studies 80% of the population is deficient in this and there are quite a number of things that burn it out in our bodies .

Magnesium's primary purpose is in energy production within the cells mitochondria ( powerhouse ) and key in over 600+ enzyme processes within the body . It is very vital and the list of its benefits go on . If you check our partner @fitwolfkobe 's page out on IG and his hashtag #MagFacts you'll find a lot more information regarding this mineral & how it's utilized.

One or 2 a day should keep the doctor away

Warning : Magnesium is a fail safe mineral and you will know when you've taken too much because you may experience diarrhea .any excess will get excreted through Urine or fecal matter

Contraindications: Kidney Failure ,Myasthenia Gravis , excessively slow heart rate , and bowel obstruction

WVLF 60 count Magnesium Complex (660mg)


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