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100 count of our 500-600mg magnesium capsules

4 Oz jar of our lemongrass scented magnesium butter


Magnesium deficiency is a very common thing amongst the population with very detrimental effects on peoples health long term! Everyday foods do not provide adequate amounts of magnesium hence why deficiencies are quite common. Magnesium is primarily stored within muscle tissue and bone, without enough of it calcium can override and cause inflammation & pain to areas within your body. Taking 1-2 capsules daily while applying the butter to effected areas is a sure set way to reduce symptoms of pain & aches. This is especially beneficial for women during pregnancy or during their monthly cycle . Also for any men dealing with mass stress loads from weight training or working out in the sun with this intense summer heat ! Replenish your stores & rebuild your body today ! Be sure to read more into magnesium facts via @fitwolfkobe 's #magfacts hashtag on Instagram and Facebook . Be sure to read into magnesium burners/robbers & why magnesium supplementation may not work for you here :

WVLF Muscle Mix (Pain/Cramps/Aches)


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