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100 count of our 500-600mg Magnesium Capsules

1 order of our herbal tincture the "Neurolixer"

This combo is great for reducing the stress load of everyday living both physically and mentally for the user! This may even help provide you the thinking space to grow more as an individual!

Magnesium deficiency is a very common thing amongst the population with very detrimental effects on peoples health long term! Everyday foods do not provide adequate amounts of magnesium hence why deficiencies are quite common. Replenish your stores & rebuild your body today ! Be sure to read more into magnesium facts via @fitwolfkobe 's #magfacts hashtag on Instagram and Facebook . Be sure to read into magnesium burners/robbers & why magnesium supplementation may not work for you here :

Our tincture the "Neurolixer" has been proclaimed to work even better than CBD for stress , anxiety , & improving sleep! One or two whole droppers per session should get you right . You could take it throughout the day just be mindful of how you feel and the activities you partake in , if you're tired & need to stay up for something important we cannot promise this will fit the situation .

Recommended use : 2 capsules daily

Drops: 1 or 2 whole droppers per use

WVLF Stress/Anxiety Pack


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